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Antonio's Mfg., Inc. is a U.S.A. Manufacturer of specially designed piks, combs and straightening combs for the Afro American Market and conventional-type combs.

Antonio's Mfg., Inc. was founded in December, 1971 by the late Anthony R. Romani.

Mr. Romani invented and obtained a patent on an Afro Rake Comb called the "Cake Cutter" in March, 1972 and began mass production of the product which was in great demand during the 1970's.

Through the years more items were invented and produced and the company now manufactures a complete line of Afro Piks and Combs for natural hair styling, Straightening or Pressing Combs both Electric and Non-Electric, and several varieties of conventional-type combs.

In June, 1975, the Company acquired the Ajax Comb Co. of Morrisville, Pa., a world leader in comb manufacturing since 1882, and moved the operation to its present site in Cresson, Pa.

Ajax Comb Co. has several trademarks and the combs are marketed under the following labels: "Ajax - Bestever - Surrey - Durlon -and Love Comb". Various plastics are used such as: Polypropylene, Styrene, Hi-Impact Polystyrene and ABS.

Antonio's Mfg., Inc. sells their products through wholesale Distributors, Drug Distributors, and Beauty & Barber Supply Companies throughout the United States and also exports to Canada, Caribbean, London, France, Germany, Netherlands, Holland, and South America.

Upon the death Of Mr. Romani on October 24, 1977, the operation of the company was assumed by his wife, Gina Maria and son, Anthony R. Romani, II, who was recently named President and the CEO of the company succeeding his mother.

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